Love Your Lips
Love Your Lips

Love your lips

Protect your pout from cold sore outbreaks with these simple tips.

Because there’s a direct connection between your general health and the health of your lips, taking good care of yourself will help you protect your beautiful smile. Here are some easy lip care tips to help you mind your health, love your lips and fight against cold sore outbreaks.

Stop licking your lips! Although licking your lips feels like it moisturises them, it only dries them out more.

Use a protective lip balm or gloss. But choose carefully: some flavoured lip balms actually encourage you to lick your lips. Ones that contain eucalyptus, camphor, menthol or alcohol may actually dry your lips out more.

Drink water. We’re also constantly losing water through perspiration and other body processes. Replenishing your water by drinking six to eight glasses of water a day has numerous health benefits – including softer, smoother, healthier lips.

Eat right. A balanced diet is another overall health booster.

Avoid dry heat. Many of us live and work in environments with forced air heat during the winter. This type of heat is particularly tough on chapped lips because it contains no humidity. Consider using a humidifier or keep a mister at your desk to keep the air around you moist.

Be aware. Many products you already use may actually be drying to your skin, such as shampoo, foundation and lipstick. Read labels carefully and try to use moisturising products whenever possible. Now you know how to care for your lips, you can keep your lips in top shape and avoid both chapped lips and cold sores.